Bill Maher Says GOP Is Like Crazy Ex-Girlfriend Whose Job Is ‘To Make Liberals Freak’ (Video)

“Ten years ago trolls weren’t even a thing, or if they were, we had a different word: sadist,” the “Real Time” host says

Last Updated: August 11, 2017 @ 10:02 PM

Bill Maher has a suggestion for the Republican Party: change their symbol from the elephant to… the troll.

“Because that’s all they are now, trolls — people who get off on provoking other people who are trying to have an adult conversation,” the “Real Time” host said Friday night.

There is a whole lot of mean spirited people out there and not just on social media. Maher was quick to point out that the White House, in fact, seems to have childish fights when we have so many big problems that should be getting the focus.

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“If the other side is shedding liberal tears, it doesn’t matter if you crash the health insurance market or the prisons overflow or Putin takes Italy. ‘Look at all those snowflakes whining. We did that!'” Maher said, mocking the trolls. “That’s why Trump made Scott Pruitt the EPA’s biggest critic head of the EPA. Republicans used to be against lead in the drinking water. Now they’re happy to poison your children if it will make Al Gore sad.”

“Republicans aren’t an opposition party now, they’re the Democrats’ crazy ex-girlfriend, and job one — job only — is to make liberals freak.”

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Maher believes that the tweets aren’t a distraction, but rather the tweets are the whole point and that governing is the distraction.

“Ten years ago trolls weren’t even a thing or, if they were, we had a different word: sadist,” he said. “Now they run the country. And by ‘run’ it, I mean ‘can’t’ and ‘won’t.'”

Watch the clip above.

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