Miss the Final Presidential Debate? Here’s a 90 Second Recap (Video)

Catch up on the debate moments, from “nasty woman” to “bad hombres”

The final presidential debate between Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton on Wednesday night featured a variety of memorable moments, from the “bad hombre” comment to heated conversations about policy.

Missed it? Don’t worry, CNN put together a 90-second recap.

Meanwhile, Clinton won the final presidential debate, according to a CNN instant poll. Fifty-two percent of debate watchers felt the Democratic White House candidate won the match-up, versus 39 percent for Trump.

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That meant Clinton swept all three televised debates, according to CNN’s snapshot polls conducted immediately after the events. CNN’s 90-second recap is perfect for voters who weren’t interested enough to tune in, but want to be included in the morning-after commentary.

Fortunately for the networks, a ton of people watched it live and the third debate grew from the second 2016 presidential contest, but it was still nowhere near the record heights of their first meeting.

Here are the Nielsen overnights for the three 2016 presidential debates:
Debate 1:  46.2
Debate 2:  37.2*
Debate 3:  39.7

(*NBC sat out the second simulcast to air “Sunday Night Football.”)

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